Congrats to our newly delivered !!!


Listing exclusive NFT’s from our community & artists around the world looking to AMP UP THERE exposure using Unifty.io & $TRDG. This is turn will bring together an amazing experience for buyers and sellers!

This beautiful platform give us access to bring your art MAINSTREAM directly in front of people ready to own there first RARE NFT’s. Staying on top of the moving market creating fresh batches of NFTs delivered straight to you on a weekly basis with many more features to come!

This is the continuation of keeping up to par with the NFT’s being pushed by media! Do you have what it takes to make the cut? 🎉

Contact admin@tardigrades.finance to receive a possible spot in a future NFT batch listing that can get your art front and center with our strong community!

Artist will receive the total amount of BNB in fees associated with the selling of there artwork.

0.05 BNB will be used for future development and growth of $TRDG 🔬🐻

Frictionless Rewards 5% Tax (2.5% Burn // 2.5% back to Holders)

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