* Calling all Tardigrades! *



$TRDG: Mission Control

2D Space Puzzle/Adventure game coming to Android/iOS/& more! We are working tediously to bring a playable demo within the NEXT MONTH! OMFG THIS IS AMAZING!

You, a friendly Tardigrade in space awakened by a startling presence. Confused of where you are but you know you must GET HOME SOON! Acquiring tools and fuel cells 🔋 for launch you must explore your ship and find the disturbance that has put your mission in a pending status. Survive the harsh environments by completing stages of cryptobiosis and generating enough power to push through the unexpected events. Battle various enemies and unlock special items to give you an upper hand while fighting for survival. THIS IS $TRDG !

Stay tuned for more amazing updates and a playable demo in the weeks to come!


We at $TRDG believe that no matter what we do and where we go Tardigrades will always be here.

Surviving every market fluctuation and any future curveballs thrown at us.

We are strong.


Frictionless Rewards 5% Tax (2.5% Burn // 2.5% back to Holders)

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