Lots of good stuff on its way. Thank you all for your support!

🚚 bit.ly/roadmapTRDG (Link to roadmap on website)

πŸ‘ Safe Pancakeswap Alternative!

Thanks SnowgeSwap! πŸ₯Ά

SnowgeSwap is a brand new BSC DEX that hooks into PancakeSwap’s V1 Liquidity Pools. Congrats on the amazing achievement!

We are with you on this one! πŸ‘ˆπŸΎπŸ»βœŒπŸΎβ„οΈ


$TRDG βœ…

More information ⬇️⬇️ :


The completed file will start tomorrow
The audit will be available in 3 days ⏰

@spyoncrypto https://twitter.com/spyoncrypto

#altcoin #BNB #SPYON #ALTSEASON #YieldFarming #BSC $TRDG

πŸš€ We’ve hit 100,000 Holders πŸš€

This is an incredible moment for us!!!!

It’s a new milestone, one of many!!!

We have an incredibly strong family growing and it’s just the beginning!

Thank you for being with us on this amazing journey!

The progress that has been made thus far has been quite an unbelievable achievement! We can’t thank you enough! We have one incredible community ❀️

Let’s keep growing and achieving $TRDGfam

🧨 Download now! (http://bit.ly/TRDGtrackAndroid)🧨

πŸ’Ž http://bit.ly/TRDGtrackAndroid πŸ’Ž


*iOS will release in the upcoming weeks

This is an early version and updates will roll out in the future! Cheers!

$TRDG #TardigradesFinance #Rewards #TRDGFAM

* Calling all Tardigrades! *




$TRDG: Mission Control

2D Space Puzzle/Adventure game coming to Android/iOS/& more! We are working tediously to bring a playable demo within the NEXT MONTH! OMFG THIS IS AMAZING!

You, a friendly Tardigrade in space awakened by a startling presence. Confused of where you are but you know you must GET HOME SOON! Acquiring tools and fuel cells πŸ”‹ for launch you must explore your ship and find the disturbance that has put your mission in a pending status. Survive the harsh environments by completing stages of cryptobiosis and generating enough power to push through the unexpected events. Battle…

32,000 + Followers on Twitter!

WOW we really hit some big milestones #TEAMTRDG

The wait is finally over!πŸ™

Tardigrades Finance has launched on the Ethereum Network! 😱

This marks a milestone for this passionate crypto community! πŸ₯³

βœ… bit.ly/TRDGetherscan

πŸ¦„ bit.ly/TRDGuniBUY

⭐️ bit.ly/TRDGdextoolsETH

🧑 bit.ly/TRDGlpBURNeth

🧨 bit.ly/TRDGownershipRENOUNCED

πŸŽ‰ bsc.pub/TRDGwebsite

🌟 πŸ‘‰ We will be submitting to both iOS and Android very very soon! It will be couple days this week whenever our Price & Graph functions are all in order. (CoinGecko and CMC API backend work around)

Once this happens we can wait for the app to be pushed to the app markets but during that time our community be will hands on testing the app for everyone finding bugs and details to make sure all is good and working.

A download link will be available on the website prior to getting listed. We want everyone on it first hand and when it is published you can uninstall and grab it from the store!


Exciting things coming in 24 hours! πŸ‘€

24/7 Live stream with Charts and other fun stuff =)

I’m building it as we speak!


$TRDG Live!

Experimental Live Feed with lots of good content.

Music. Fun. Contests. Friends. πŸ’§πŸ»

The list will go on!

Thank you all for your support I’ll announce when we are LIVE! πŸš€

*Note* We have to wait 24 hours to go live so it will be sometime Sunday 5/2 in the afternoon (EST)

Congrats to our newly delivered !!!


Listing exclusive NFT’s from our community & artists around the world looking to AMP UP THERE exposure using Unifty.io & $TRDG. This is turn will bring together an amazing experience for buyers and sellers!

This beautiful platform give us access to bring your art MAINSTREAM directly in front of people ready to own there first RARE NFT’s. Staying on top of the moving market creating fresh batches of NFTs delivered straight to you on a weekly basis with many more features to come!

This is the continuation of keeping up…

Tardigrades Finance ($TRDG)

Frictionless Rewards 5% Tax (2.5% Burn // 2.5% back to Holders)

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